I recently photographed the new lookbook for Drop Dead's new winter 2015 collection entitled NOMAD. It was shot over the course of two months whilst on tour with Bring Me The Horizon.

Since it was shot over such a long period of time in 15 cities around the world, I was so worried that it wouldn't look cohesive. It was so challenging to always keep that in mind. Here are the dates that we shot the book...


  • October 5th / New York City
  • October 16th / Dallas
  • October 17th / Houston
  • October 19th / Wichita
  • October 20th / Denver
  • October 22nd / Mesa
  • October 23rd / Los Angeles
  • October 24th / Sacramento
  • October 25th / San Bernardino


  • November 5th / Vienna
  • November 12th / Gothenburg
  • November 24th / Glasgow
  • November 27th / Cardiff
  • December 2nd / London 

In the end, it all came together beautifully with some graphics that Oli worked very hard on. I'm so happy with this project and I am even more happy to share it! Thanks to Drop Dead for being so incredible, Oli for involving me in this project and all of the beautiful models who came out to these shows and venues to assist. There were so many amazing people involved in this and without them it wouldn't have turned out so beautiful.

The lookbook can be viewed here.

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