16 of 2016

2016, I took a leap of faith, put my life into a storage unit and chose to be homeless, almost lost my arm and faced too many health issues.

Regardless of the health issues, I spent seven eye opening weeks in England (two in the hospital), went to South America, spent time on nine different tours (thank you Bring Me The Horizon, Emarosa, Being As An Ocean, Pierce the Veil, Neck Deep and Vans Warped Tour), my dream of seeing the Eiffel tower came true, I photographed my friends getting married on a glacier in Alaska, flew around Mt. Denali, drove through banff national park, taught TEI classes to over 150 beautiful students across the country, completed another sxsw with Vans, became an aunt, made a book for charity with Bring Me The Horizon and documented the RAH show which was probably the best night of my career, faced my fear of heights and stood on the top of a mountain, spray painted my logo at the venue I grew up going to shows at and it was acceptable, photographed one of my biggest inspirations' parties, co-directed my first music video, had my first photo spreads in Alternative Press.

Basically I realized every negative and challenging thing I faced this year brought me clarity, self growth and has lead me to a point of confidence within myself I've never experienced. I'm back in the mindset of growth. It's time to take all of this life experience straight to where it has lead me. California. And though I have a lot of healing to do, I feel like I am about to begin to live the life I've dreamt of living for years. I feel unstoppable and determined. It's time to change directions and I'm coming at you with everything I've got in me. Let's go, 2017.

With that being said, here are my 16 favorite MUSIC photos of 2016.


AO_DAY ONE-63.jpg

Erykah Badu photographed in Austin Texas / March 2016

Erykah headlined House of Vans' first night at SXSW. I was in disbelief after photographing her. She was really into the polaroids and was so humble. Such an amazing experience!


Neck Deep band and crew photographed in Redding, California / February 2016.

Jumped on tour with Neck Deep in February with a few hours notice. Impulsive yet the most fun week. We had a day off in Redding and TM of the world, Newy, organized a hike day in the mountains. Wont ever forget that day.

Grimes photographed in Los Angeles, California / August 2016.

Got to shoot FYF for Vans. Grimes played. She's amazing.

Pierce The Veil photographed in Chicago, Illinois / September 2016.

Home town. Favorite festival. PTV headlined their stage. Best day and proud day.

Bradley Walden of Emarosa photographed on Vans Warped Tour.

I have no idea what day this was or what city this was because Warped is a blur. But Emarosa is the best band and I was lucky to spend the summer documenting them. Much love to these humans.

The Used photographed in San Diego, California / August 2016.

Got to see one of the best bands of all time perform two of my favorite records of all time.

Vic Fuentes of Pierce the Veil on the run in Sao Paulo, Brazil / July 2016.

Craziest two weeks of my life.

Set It Off photographed in the studio in Los Angeles, California / January 2016.

I love these people and the record they made was out of this world.

Deryck Whibley of Sum 41 photographed on Vans Warped Tour.

It was an honor to document this band. They are iconic and a beyond humble group of men. 

the 1975 photographed in Columbus, Ohio / May 2016.

Tour with BMTH ended in Columbus and it just so happened the 1975 were playing there the same night. Was so thankful to photograph them!

Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon photographed in Charlotte, North Carolina / May 2016

I thought Oli was going to die. About 200 kids came over the barricade. Yes, this was taken in the photo pit. These kids are in the photo pit. It was EPIC. He survived.

Bring Me The Horizon photographed in Sheffield, England / April 2016

Royal Albert Hall rehearsals at Drop Dead. 


Vic Fuentes of Pierce The Veil photographed in Salt Lake City, Utah / September 2016.


Halsey photographed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin / July 2016.

Queen H happened to be in MKE the same day as Warped Tour and allowed me to photographer her again. I love taking photos of this damn woman!

Joel Quartuccio of Being As An Ocean photographed in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada / February 2016.

Snow man. Most beautiful drive day of my life. I had so much fun wit BAAO this year. Joel is one of the purest human beings I have ever known. Much love. 

And to cap it all off we have a photo from what was the coolest night of my entire career. I was so honored to be apart of Bring Me The Horizon's Royal Albert Hall charity show in April. There are not words to describe the entire week. They worked so hard and documenting this was a dream. The DVD and book will be released very soon.

That's a wrap!