Craig Owens Acoustic Tour

What do you get when you put Craig Owens and I, all of our baggage and an acoustic guitar in a rental car for 11 days on a road trip through the midwest and east coast? A kickass 11 days filled with music, fans and moments so amazing I can put them into words. 

05/21 - Detroit, MI / Studio 
05/22 - Chicago / Hope For The Day's Offices
05/23 - Cleveland / Edgewater Park
05/24 - Buffalo / Delaware Park
05/25 - Boston / Christian Herter Park
05/26 - New York / Washington Square Park
05/27 - Philadelphia / Chelsea's House
05/28 - Pittsburgh / Allegheny Park
05/29 - Columbus / Sharon Woods Park
05/30 - St Louis / Willmore Park
05/31 - Nashville / Kelton's House
06/01 - Fly Home

I don't want to go too in-depth with the tour but I will say that it was an incredible experience. We got to a city every day and figured out where we wanted to have the secret show. Craig is an artist that has had my back creatively for almost three years. This experience was one I will never forget.

Thank you to every pizza place who delivered to us in a park, every new friend who came to a show and hung out with us, everyone who helped us along the way, the frog in St. Louis, mitzi the dog and her mom and dad for being so cute and grilling for us and all the lil ants I found in my belongings - I'm sorry I most likely took you out of state.  Most importantly, thank you to Craig for having me out. 

Day One :: Detroit, MI

Day Two :: Chicago, IL

Day Three :: Cleveland, OH

Day Four :: Buffalo, NY

Day Five :: Boston, MA

Day Six :: New York, NY

Day Seven :: Philadelphia, PA

Drive to Pittsburgh from Philly was absolutely beautiful...

Day Eight :: Pittsburgh, PA

Day Nine :: Columbus, OH

Day Ten :: St. Louis, MO

Day Eleven :: Nashville, TN