Bring Me The Horizon Spring 2016

Bring Me The Horizon / May 2016

18 shows total
9 malls visited
8 dangerous stops at lush cosmetics
7 festivals
5 jetskis
3 hours at top golf atlanta
2 lenses broken
1 boat day

Reunited with my favorite Brits for a few weeks here in the USA. It was a crazy run because of festival season! Each day was different and I liked that a lot. Tour can get repetitive so being able to mix up shots and have some unexpected challenges is always really appreciated! Here are some of my favorite images.

Special thanks to Bring Me The Horizon, their team and crew for another great run in the books!

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Jacksonville, Florida / Welcome to Rockville

Fort Myers, Florida / Ft. Rock Festival

Nashville, Tennessee

Atlanta, Georgia

Sneak peak of a shoot we did in Atlanta... 

Norfolk, Virginia

Concord, North Carolina / Carolina Rebellion Festival

When about 100 kids crowd surfed to high five Oli and then it just escalated very quickly...

Silver Spring, Maryland

Kansas City, Missouri

Clive, Iowa

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Somerset, Wisconsin / Northern Invasion Festival

Fargo, North Dakota

Indianapolis, Indiana

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

St. Louis, Missouri / Point Fest

Columbus, Ohio / Rock On The Range