2015 Vans Warped Tour - PART TWO

Alright, here we go! Here's part two/three of my Vans Warped Tour recap. If you haven't taken a look at part one yet, simply click blog over there in the side bar <---- and scroll down to PART ONE. I think part TWO will be my favorite but we'll just have to see. Please enjoy and comment! Don't forget, you can purchase ANY of these prints right here (click here)!

Day Twenty One x Burgettstown, PA

Weather was going to be really awful this day so Mr. Kevin Lyman made the call to put the Main Stages in the amphitheater. I was really excited about this because it was such a cool change of pace! And THEN the journeys stages were actually on the main stages (does that make sense?) so the journeys artists had 2x the stage space. It was awesome!

Day Twenty Two x Camden, NJ

Day Twenty Three x Wantagh, NY

Before I get to the recap of this day, I thought I'd talk a little bit about this venue. It is my favorite date of Warped. Always. It's beautiful and right on Long Island next to the ocean. I woke up this morning and our bus drive, George (GG), made me go fishing with him for 15 minutes before I got catering and began my day. It's little moments like this that I lived for this summer. Pure bliss. Recognizing that I am really doing what I do and being able to stop for a second and enjoy myself is so important while on tour.

I met the Emarosa guys last year on Chiodos' Devil's Dance Tour. I became very close with them and have since toured with them. They are honestly one of my favorite bands and my favorite people. Unfortunately they were only on half of the tour. I was sitting with Bradley (vocals) at lunch in the ampitheater this day and we were discussing the crazy shit he does onstage. The conversation went a little something like this...

"Were you there the other day when I got froyo in the middle of the set?"
"No. What?"
"What about the day the kids and I went sliding in the mud down that hill?"
"Bradley... no. Why do I keep missing this shit? What are you going to do today? Let's plan something."
"I'm not sure yet."
"What if you just grabbed my camera and started taking photos of the band?"
"What if I took photos of you and made you crowd surf?"
"Ummm... okay I'm in."

Then we planned out the minor details and alas it went a little something like this...

Basically it was definitely the highlight of my entire summer. I think this day was 100% my favorite day of Warped Tour 2015. Lots of friendship. This night I ended up exploring with my good friend, bus mate and schedule queen - Mykel. We took some photos - you can see them below. While we were shooting we ran into Juliet Simms and then I ended up snapping a few of Juliet too. It was also the Warped Tour 21st birthday BBQ this night and so many friends were here. It was just such a happy beautiful day. 

Day Twenty Four x Hartford, CT

All summer this summer I had the privilege of working with Sennheiser and Vans Warped Tour on content. It was such an amazing experience! In Hartford they had a video crew come out and I got to give them a total behind the scenes feel of what Warped is like on a daily basis. I helped them shoot behind the scenes this day. It was so cool to have them out! 

It was also Emarosa's last day and I cried. Very sad.

Day Twenty Five - Boston, MA (OFF)

Day Twenty Six - Mansfield, MA

Day Twenty Seven - Darien Center, NY

Day Twenty Eight x Cincinnati, OH

The day I pretty much only photographed foreigners and loved it.


The morning I got woken up by border patrol with flashlights yelling at me for being on the bus sleeping while they were searching it because my entire bus didn't realize I wasn't off until they were all inside and it was too late. Poutine.

Day Thirty x Columbia, MD

The day everything looked like an enchanted forest. Oh, and rain. Mud. The most mud you've ever seen in your entire life everywhere on everything you own.

Day Thirty One x Holmdel, NJ

Day Thirty Two - Service Day

Day Thirty Three - Scranton, PA

The day of absolutely no cell phone reception hell and beautiful views. Oh, and rain. Lots of rain. EVERYWHERE, RAIN.


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Day Thirty Five x Cleveland, OH

The day of "direct sunlight."

Day Thirty Six x Detroit, MI

I knew this day would be mental. And it was.