2015 Vans Warped Tour - PART THREE

Here it is. The last and final segment of my Vans Warped Tour recap. Just a reminder, you can pick up any of my prints right here in my shop.

I've added a very special polaroid section at the bottom as well! What a summer it was. So bittersweet for this blog to be posted. Thanks for reading, everyone.

Day Thirty Seven - Chicago, IL

Day Thirty Eight x Minneapolis, MN

Day Thirty Nine x St. Louis, MO

The hottest day of the entire tour ended with the craziest storm of the entire tour which made the coolest sky of the entire tour.

Day Forty x Milwaukee, WI

To be honest, I regret not being that productive this day but I had my family out so I feel less awful about it.

Day Forty One x Indianapolis, IN

Day Forty Two - Bonner Springs, KS

Day Forty Four x Salt Lake City, UT

Day Forty Eight x San Diego, CA

Day Forty Nine x Shasta Lake, CA (OFF)

Hands down the most beautiful day of my entire life. Thank you Warped Tour production for this day. I will never forget this. Now that I think about it, some of the off days this summer were some of the best days of my entire life. Wow.

Also thanks to Myke for always being my adventure buddy and one of my favorite photographers. I love you. 

Day Fifty x Portland, OR

Didn't get to do much this day except shoot Pierce The Veil because I was working on a top secret project ;)

Day Fifty One x Seattle, WA

I was completely out of it this day. It was such a sad but it really was time to go home. Everyone was sad, crying and excited all at the same time.




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