I had been a fan of photographing ISSUES up until 2014 Warped Tour when I finally worked face to face with the guys and clicked with them instantly. They are all so unique and their music is so catchy, how can you resist? After a long five weeks on Warped Tour photographing them near daily, I was asked to come out on their headlining tour. 


It was a pretty big deal for them to have content since it was their first headlining tour. I was more than willing to bust my butt to make sure that happened and was so excited I was asked to be apart of their team.

I flew out to Atlanta on October 25th. We had a week of rehearsals and pre-production before the tour began in Atlanta on the 31st. The tour went until December 13th and it was the longest run I've ever done. I was exhausted but it was so worth it. Here are my favorite images.