10 Days Of Neck Deep

Day 01 / Chicago, IL

It's Valentine's day and I'm on the train back to Chicago from Wisconsin Dells after a weekend of amazing quality family time... I was pretty excited to catch Neck Deep and State Champs show until Neck Deep got in touch with me asking me if I was free right before I had to leave for the show. I said, "I'm free until the 25th" and soon after found myself packing my bags with small notice for a very fun 10 days out with the Neck Deep camp. I finally got to the venue and immediately settled in and got to work as it was about.. twenty minutes before the band's set!

Day 02 / OFF / Lincoln, NE

Cee-lo, Whole Foods and lots of shopping ended with a Dani shoot because of all of the new threads he got this day.

Day 03 / Denver, CO

04 / Salt Lake City, UT

05 / OFF / Boise, ID

When in Idaho... go to a warehouse full of trampolines.

06 / Seattle, WA

07 / Portland, OR

Day 08 / OFF / REDDING, CA

Probably the best day off I've ever had on tour. What's better than a day of hiking through the northern californian mountains?

Day 09 / Sacramento, CA

Day 10 / San Francisco, CA

Overall, I had an amazing ten days out with the guys. I'm currently in Chicago for 24 hours and tomorrow I leave for a month of BEING AS AN OCEAN and SXSW with Vans again this year. Here's to safe travels!